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Why do I have to sign up and log in in order to see anything?

I understand that signup is required if you want to post/comment/participate, but I can't even see the about page!!!

This makes me think they are a greedy bunch of a* trying to make money by selling my info/targeted advertising.

I had the same reaction.  But I wanted to take a look, so I filled in the blanks.  When it came to certain information they insisted on. . .well let's just say that they didn't seem to care much about what actually went in there.

And yeah, like IG said--All I got so far was a welcome email.  My email is pretty spare.  I'd notice if anything started spamming me.

I suppose that could be the case, but I did sign up and haven't noticed a fresh deluge of spam.

Seems like an OK site so far.