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SOPPCB offer PCB Fabrication, PCBA and its components' sourcing

Hi, guys, this is Jack from www.soppcb.com, we are a professional PCB and PCBA manufacturer in Shenzhen, if any needs, pls contact me: soppcbtech@gmail.com

Greetings to all!!!

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hi jack,

i just wonder if you provide full turnkey pcb assembly services ?  can you process eagle layout ?




Prototype pcb manufacturing and assembly

hi, dave,

thanks for your information.

yes, it is ok, u could send me your gerber files and bom list and other requirements to my email: soppcbtech@gmail.com

we do pcb fabrication and pcba assembly services.

Good Day,


I think the whole thing looks suspicious. If this is a professional boarding house, why is the contact address @gmail.com ?
I also find it strange that a company that (according to their About) was founded in 2003 and have 500 workers only registered the domain name this month…

cao hong  +86.76922089558 +86.76922089508
cao hong
liao bu guang chang
Dong Guan,Guang Dong,CN 523400

Domain Name:soppcb.com
Record last updated at 2012-03-07 03:53:41
Record created on 3/7/2012
Record expired on 03/07/2014

I am sure you meant 60 cents US, right? 60 dollars?!?! Maybe you meant 100 boards for that price.  (chuckles)

As a lot of us have small piles of a PCB that we manufacture for our robots it would be interesting what your company has to offer.

We have from 1 to 10 items of one PCB... and this small pile is not what we normally order from China.

Have not found a product/pricelist on your website, so can you tell us some prices (incl. worldwide shipping) of your double sided PCBs in cm^2 or inch^2 for small piles?

hi, thanks for your following here. Do you mean 2*2cm or 2*2inch 2 layers? 1.6MM FR4, green soldermask, white legend, HASL lead free, 0.5-1oz copper is ok for you?

If it is ok, then the price for 10pcs 2*2inch 2 layers could be USD65, while for 2*2cm, the price could be USD60.

according to the shipping cost, we need to know your shipping address.

if any needs, you could send gerber files to my email.