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Make April LMR Donation Month - Spread the Word!

Hey, everone. 



We should try for a BIG PUSH all during April to get the word out about the LMR fundraising. We are thousands of people, so the best way to reach people is to use our numbers to our advantage.

  • Write a blog
  • Make a video
  • Post on Facebook
  • Ask your friends and loved ones
  • Tell people on your favorite technical community (make sure they don't mind)

As you should know, Seeedstudio has provided prizes for a drawing, but that's not the message. Really, tell people why you care about LMR. Can you inspire someone to make a donation? If someone sees that LMR is important to you, perhaps they will want to help. 

If you do post something, please provide a link below in the comments so we can see your effort! I'll link some of my own efforts below as an example, but don't be bound by it. Get creative and get the word out!









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I've tried to spread the word on: