Let's Make Robots!


this is the base as you can see, it's not too large (took me a million years to cut the two plastic circles! )

down here I put the second and the third set of servos. I actually ordered 12, but one got broke so now i'm waiting for another. This is a novice mistake, to know for the future!

down here I added cables and to communicate with Arduino, and a home made circuit board.

this is the top of the board, there are plenty of wires! At the top of the body there will be the radio-receiver, and the battery holder. At the bottom I plan to put the arduino uno.

Here is another image, it's almost finished. I finished a part of the programming, soon it will be ready for expertimenting:). 

Here is the front, the "abdo", where I put the arduino. There are lots of wires, and that scotch tape doesn't look cool, so I need to buy some things to group them.


I miss a servo right now, I'm still waiting for it, should come monday or tuesday.

Finally, the servo has arrived. :D

And my robot is finished!



Now I made a mistake. Shit. The shoulders, which are attached to the first and the second set of servos, are made of plastic and it bends under the heaviness of the robots. Need to buy 4 wooden blocks, or sth more solid so the robot would finally have the posibility to walk.

This is the final shape of it:

This photo up here shows the robot completely finished. I took off the radio receiver, it didn't work very well, and changed the "shoulders" with a more resistant material:

I screw the servos and then stick them on.

This is an image of the underside of the robot:

I'll buy an RC car, to make the robot to be radio controlled. Until then I'll write the program for walking.

Videos soon ! :D

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Can't wait videos. You're robot looks nice!

any videos?


Great stuff!! Hope you get your RC transmitter & reciever soon! :)

Thank you! 

when you attach the "foot"  line it up with the center of your leg , if it is off set it will be unstable and getting it to walk will be frustrating

Thanks for preventing me on this, I attached them with some glue, a little hand shaking, but it should be okay, I'll soon post some images :)

thanks for liking ma fb stat.

well it's simple and it's true :)

Is it glued together? How it will transform into a biped then? :)

Well it is not finished yet I don't have any idea, but the first concept was to be four-legged. I am still waiting for some parts :). The biped idea would be just an experiment, just to see how it walks, more like for curiosity :)