Let's Make Robots!

LMR Robot Building Workshop at Maker Faire NYC!

Ta Daa!

Thanks to the kind sponsorship of our friends at  we will be able to offer a robot building workshop at Maker Faire in New York this year!

 Details will follow, but Picaxe will supply the PICAXE-08 Motor Driver Board, along with some funding.

Lets Make Robots will supply materials for the chassis (more news coming soon!) along with our robot building know-how to teach 100 lucky people how to build a simple programmable robot. No cost to the participants.

(click for specs)

Check the LMR Maker Faire NYC page for the latest news.

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robotgoldfish's picture

Robot shop threw in 6 branded screwdrivers and 10 pens.  All welcome loot to give away.  And maybe this time we wont run out of pens.

Ro-Bot-X's picture

Pens! That's a good idea! How about pens inscribed with Let's Make Robots? How much will they cost? Can we afford to make a hundred to give away? I'll chip in...

Ro-Bot-X's picture

A quick search on Google and here is an example: 500 inscribed pens with one color plus shipping costs $84.99 ($0.15 each): http://www.discountmugs.com/nc/promotional-pens/994/value-stick-pen.htm

birdmun's picture

Don't forget the $9.99 shipping 


I played with one of the logo images after I saw they would allow for two color images.

Ro-Bot-X's picture

Yes, the shipping is included in the $85 price:

  • $0.15 eaX 500 qty$75.00
  • Setup$0.00
  • Additional Imprint$0.00
  • Shipping$9.99


Nice job with the logo!

IG, can you let us know where to chip in with money to get this done? I can shed out $15-20 without a problem, but I want 10 pens for my own use (to promote LMR of course).

kingart3's picture

I have to admit some concern over your plan to program PICAXE microcontrollers at the Maker Faire, especially in a big city like New York.  I mean is the general public ready to face the awesome powers of the PICAXE chip?  Are we certain we know all the ...mysterious secrets... the secretive PICAXE organization has programmed into these little processors?

I can see the headlines now, convention center destroyed, cars burning in the streets, robots running amok!  The governor might have to call out the National Guard, you really need to think this through.  There could be Senate hearings, grand juries, the FBI could become involved.

It could lead to total CHAOS ...or... just a lot of little robots running around the table top.

It's sure its bound to turn out one way or the other my friend ...think carefully .... think very carefully.....



                 Hal (kingart3)


robotgoldfish's picture

It will be Chaos that we control. Bwa Ha Ha haaaaa.

kingart3's picture

It is clear you have seen right through Andrew's nefarious plan!  This is not some mere robot workshop but a clear grab for TOTAL WORLD DOMINATION!

I should have suspected as much from the start.   Gengis Khan, Napoleon, Hitler!   What do they all have in common?  They all came from New Jersey.  At least I think they did right???

Unfortunately, it will be impossible to stop him now.  His plans are too far advanced.  The innocent and unsuspecting are doomed.  All we can hope for is minor positions in his New Robot World Order!

I want to be in charge of replacing red LEDs...... :>)



Dan M's picture

Not sure about New Jersey, but I think Temujin, whose title was Genghis Khan (Chinggis Khaan) once said, "We must conquer China, for it is a land of silk and women and many robot parts."

Napoleon was surely the one who said, "Let us make robots, not war." which has been shortened to LetsMakeRobots

and Hitler,,, hmmm, I think he said something like, "Deutschland über alles mit Robotern." Since it was understood by everyone that he meant with robots, the saying was just shortened to "Deutschland über alles".

ignoblegnome's picture

LOL. I think we will risk it.