Let's Make Robots!

LMR Robot Building Workshop at Maker Faire NYC!

Ta Daa!

Thanks to the kind sponsorship of our friends at  we will be able to offer a robot building workshop at Maker Faire in New York this year!

 Details will follow, but Picaxe will supply the PICAXE-08 Motor Driver Board, along with some funding.

Lets Make Robots will supply materials for the chassis (more news coming soon!) along with our robot building know-how to teach 100 lucky people how to build a simple programmable robot. No cost to the participants.

(click for specs)

Check the LMR Maker Faire NYC page for the latest news.

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I had almost talked myself out of learning the pic-08 on top of all the other things i don't have time for.

Well i just ordered one of the driver boards and some extra chips so i can learn these things.  BTW a asked Robot shop if they

wanted to donate some coupons to contact you or myself so if they drop you a line that's what its about.


The Picaxe 08 looks like fun.

You rock, dude!

For the workshop, I was planning on pre-programming the chips and focusing on the physical build. However, maybe we'll spend some time explaining the programming too, so people know how to modify their bots at home.

Dude nice work. :)

Hey, that is really cool.  Good news, not just for the 100 lucky people, but for us, too. It will help advertise the group.

It would be cool if those kids actually learn something and have their interest peaked, --(not just do it because it's free).


Since I've been feeling better, I could probably make the trip now, but my old car wouldn't make it out of Ohio.  :-(  Afraid I am going to have a buy a different one whether I want to or not. Regardless, I'm not planning to drive all the way to New York no matter how much fun it might be. A bus might not be a bad way to get there, but no, it would be a long trip by bus (and airplane is too expensive). Oh well...   (---wanders off muttering to self...)



I figure anyone willing to invest an hour or two of their time to build a robot during the faire is pretty committed, even if it is for free. On the flip side, I didn't want anyone deciding not to do the workshop because of cost.

Oh, Dan. You got me all excited that I was going to get to meet you in person. Then you mutter to yourself and wander off...  

There's a Maker Faire in Detroit in July, which is a bit closer. No one I know about from LMR is going to that one yet...

Sorry to be confusing about it, but with the various problems, I just won't be able to get to NYC, and might not even make it to Detroit.

Sorry, but even though I have been feeling better lately, there are other problems keeping me from going.


misc. reasons that leave me muttering to myself:

1. My car is on its last legs. Just to drive across town to my brother's house, I have to pour in about a gallon of water in the radiator, and another gallon to get back home. It is not leaking out on the ground, so I presume it is leaking internally inside the engine and making its way out the tailpipe. Anyway, if I drive more than the 3 miles to Ric's house, the thing overheats.

2. I live on social security, so buying a new one is out of the question. Buying an old car that still runs is the only option, but I have to find one locally that is in my budget. (something in the hundreds, not the thousands) It is a possibility, but I may not locate one that runs all right for that price anytime soon.

3. Air fare is beyond the budget, especially when you add in hotel and restaurant meals, etc.

4. Bus fare might be possible, but then I would still need hotel room, restaurant meals and probably other expenses (taxi from the bus station?) on top of it.  It adds up to more than I dare spend for such a trip.

Oh no problem, Dan. Maybe some day.

I'm glad that you are feeling well enough to even consider it!

Very nice to get the support of a big company.

Well, PICAXE is a big name, but actually a pretty small company. So it is a really big deal that they committed the money to support us. I'm really happy about it.