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Recycling Bin with Rapid Prototyper

What if you put your PET waste into the 3D printer instead of the recycling bag?

Is that possible?

Can we outline what is nessessary to build this machine? And why it is not available yet?

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You really take this to the next level, Gabriel. Thank you for your valuable contributions.

Here is an example of 3D scanning: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w2uH1Ag2cAY


One challenge we face here is the toxic steam that comes from melting plastics. The steam that is generated by the melting process must be filtered when the machine is targeted to the consumer market.

Further the high density of the plastic differences makes it very very hard to make shure you melt the right plastic. As we know plastic is not plastic is not plastic. Every plastic consists of different materials, flexibilizer and colors. When a machine is targeted for PET the machine must also have the ability to find out if the recycling material is PET. When the machine is targeted for any plastics it must provide strategies to distinct/differentiate the plastics and have melting temperatures and pressures for each plastic segment - you don't want to burn the plastic.

Here a visualisation of the plastic density compared to "old" materials. It is obvious that "old" material can be differentiated a lot easier than plastics. Some metals have different colors. Some are magnetic. Some are more dense. 

But with plastics that is finding a difference between  C10H8O4 , C2H3Cl and  C2H4 .

Image-Source: TED

LOL just reading another thread and was checking out a link they had in it ... and i came across this on the site ... and i immediately thought of this thread.  


seems like there is a solution in the making .

"Dirk Vander Kooij, winner of the 2011 Dutch Design Award, has ingeniously reprogrammed an old industrial robot to extrude ground up and melted plastic from recycled electrical appliances like refrigerators, turning them into a tables and chairs. It’s just a surreal process to watch. Take a look at the video and see for yourself:"