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YourDuino and LMR no longer connected

Hi Guys,

As you may know, a couple of months ago, LMR and Terry's shop (Yourduino.com) partnered up. It was I (Frits) who took the initiative, because I figured:

Terry had a "young" shop, with all options open, and we have a large base of buyers and a heavy Google rank (And a lot of options, like our facebook page, Google+ page, and all of you, who are doing a lot here there and everywhere..)

- So I figured that a steady partnership would be benificial for all of us; The shop could become LMR shop - dedicated to the best prices possible, everything we could want basically.. and LMR could on the other hand provide everything a shop could ever dream of, in terms of steady buyers and Google ranking.

We / I had many plans, but unfortunately the setup did not work; Terry and I are best of friends, I have nothing bad at all to say about Terry or his shop, on the contrary. But we just did not seam to agree about how and when things should happen on the development front; We saw each our versions of future devopment, each of us have ideas of what works well on the net, and stuff like that - so I have now decided to pull the plug again, as the project had no future.

Terry has promised to pay USD 400 for the traffic we did send, for what you guys did buy. I have asked him that all money goes to rik, who hold what we have to be paid out to Dan, who is doing hosting, to pay his bills.

That was that! :)

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...yeah, sometimes it's difficult to get two ideas under one roof. Anyway, i am sure Terry will keep his shop running and maybe still give some discount offers or LMR. I like the transparency on LMR very much, thanks Frits for informing us about those intern things.