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The best all-terrain robot I've ever scene

This was mentioned in a post awhile back (http://letsmakerobots.com/node/27879), but I thought it was awesome enough to post the video here. 


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This is one really amazing robot.  I have never seen anything that could cross all the obstacles this can.

Strangely enough it resembles a toy I had many years ago.  I can't remember the name of the playset but it was based on an astronaut  theme and it had a "moon rover" that had two spoked legs in front (like the ones on this robot) but dragged its tail.  We are talking a long time ago here, like maybe 40 years.

Anyway this robot is WAY BETTER because it has four of the nifty spoked legs and I can see the way it swivels at the hips makes a HUGE difference in its mobility.

Congratulations on a really great robot, if/when I make an outdoor robot, I may use this approach.  It's very impressive.


                      Thanks for showing it,


                                    -Hal (kingart3)

Oh, I guess I should have mentioned this isn't my robot. I was just posting the video because someone was talking about Boston Dynamic's RHEX robot, and I think this one might trump the RHEX. 

Strangely I just came across the video for RHEX myself tonight.  This one looks much faster and smoother.  They did have the RHEX bot flopping its way through water, so perhaps the half-wheel-half-flipper things help it do that.  RHEX does not appear graceful but did continue to on through some very bad terrain.

I would love to see them both run the same course, that said I would put my money on this one to.

They don't show Asguard doing the inverted operation, which would have been helpful when it flopped over trying to go up the wall.  I think they'd both have advantages in some situations.  I'd like to see a hybrid "wheel" developed for rHex with three spokes made the same way as its current legs.  I think a slightly larger version could probably handle stairs and be a full service home security unit.

They've posted a lot of video's. In this one they get a little crazy in the snow and flip it over a few times: 


Here they show it driving on the bottom of a pond: 


and here they show it with floatation devices going for a swim: 


Even thought it couldn't make it up the redwood wall, I'd say it probably still has a better chance at passing the President's Physical Fitness Challenge than I did when I was in school.

Ha! I forgot about that. Seeing how far we could stretch and how many pull-ups we could do (or how long we can hang from a bar depending on how fit you were). I wonder if the government tracked that information in case they ever needed to do a draft.