Let's Make Robots!

Knives, Forks and Spoons

It lets me learn to walk.


Knives Forks and Spoons is my homage to Chopsticks and Chopsticks Jr.. (I hope to end up like Chopsticks Jr. - Beaten to death by a Model during a photo shoot.)


But sereusly I learned a lot.

       I got the idea for fame based walking - that's where each loop thru the main line program increments the frame variable to the next set of servo positions.  I switched to Rechargeable batteries.  I made the master of the Upper leg and cast copies of it. (Thanks to http://familab.org/blog/ For Tom not being able to take the resin and silicone back on the plane.)

And as a blast from the past its ROBOTGOLDFISH Vs. CALIGULAhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jO_uuQ_O_dM&feature=player_detailpage




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Haha dude, that's amazing. Of course, western people like to eat with forks and knifes...

I really like how he walks...so funny. Well, if you get this to a photo shooting with a pretty model, just let me know ;-)

BTW: Chopstick Junior is going to the next shooting soon...and after that flying VIP to Beijing to an exhibition. 

Glad to hear that Chopstick Jr. is still alive.  But now I envy his jet-setting fashion model lifestyle. 

Do you realize you built a robot Austin Powers.

Yeah, today I just gave hime a face lifting that he is handsome for the trip ;-)

Haha, nice work!


How did you fasten the knives, spoons and forks to the servos?

Hot Glue is your friend.

haha! man, this is brilliant! A+ for the robot! 

I don't want this walking in my food ....


Brilliant take on the chopsticks idea.

It reminded me of the marching hammers in ‘The Wall’

Ha ha! You build some very whimsical stuff. Love it!