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Control the Arduino Robot Via Android 3.2 tablet ?

I am Asking "How to control the Arduino Robot via Android Honeycomb Tablet,...,?" can anubody there help me,...,? And what application do I need to use,...,? 

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Hey Jay,

The main problem I have found with tablets is that most of them have HID bluetooth, not SPP bluetooth. HID (human interface device) is bluetooth for keyboards and mice where SPP (serial port protocol) would be the kind of bluetooth a robot would speak. If your tablet uses SPP bluetooth, it will most likely work. 

Now, personally I think my App is pretty good and it works just great on an Android phone. I have had about a 50/50 shot working on a tablet. If you would like to give my App a try, please shoot me an email and I would be happy to send you a copy of the App for free. I can't promise it will work on your tablet, but it is worth a shot and hell, its free either way.

I can plug a Bluetooth dongle in my tablet ;-)

And yes, unfortunately can't program the Arduino from the Android pad :-(

Hi Jay, welcome.

First you need to connect a Bluetooth module to your Arduino, then write a program fr the Arduino which is reading the Bluetoth commands. Then you need to write an App for your Android Pad and install it there. This App will let you send data via Bluetooth t your robot. 

All this is not the starter project since you need to program and also the knowledge about the Arduino and how it works with Bluetooth.

If you still a noob (no offence) then I recommend that you check the Start Here Robot and learn step by step.

Lumi, a tablet is different from a phone (Android). While a phone has Bluetooth, a tablet doesn't. But a tablet has a USB Host port, so you can connect the Arduino directly to it. While the FTDI driver might not work out of the box, a Prolific driver is definitely integrated into the kernel because this chip is used by many periferals like mice or keyboards. So a Nokia phone data cable will probably work with a tablet (not tested by me, but I read about it somewhere). Oh, and programming an Arduino directly from the tablet does not work (yet). 

Jay, Lumi is right. This is not an easy task to do, definitely not for a beginner. You need to take a few baby steps before you can run. But if you have a little robotics experience, then you can try. First you need to have an Arduino robot that works. Connect it to the computer and send serial commands to control it. When it works, write an Android app (or use CtC's or Cellbots or whatever) that can send those serial commands to control the robot. Then connect the robot to the tablet and tweak the app as needed.