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Robot InMoov 3D printed

Grabs, holds, drops, point finger...
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Here is "InMoov", the robot you can print and animate. You have a 3D printer, some building skills, This project is for you!! This is a hand builded for a job (still picture commercial), it was supposed to be mobile but not animated and mostly be able to take human hand positions. Cables or fishing rods might be added in order to control it, but it was not the purpose of this work at first. I am now working on another model(for the fun), trying to animate it, I really would like to do it with computer control but I have never worked in that field.

It has evolved quite a bit since I started with designing the hand. Both arms are now fonctionnal with a torso and a head. I am using two Arduino boards controlled through MRL.

With the help of Myrobotlab and GroG, we will be trying to make the robot see and grab objects after a voice command.

For more parts and info, see:





Here is a BOM I just did for a university that was asking.

Of course you need to have a 3d printer.
Hand and forarm:

2 arduino uno=28 euros ebay although I never found such a good price again.

12 servos MG995=84 euros ebay

     Or 12 servos HK15298=180 euros Hobbyking( I recommand those because the others are cheap but they burn)

0,8mm nylon  thread/fishing rod= 5 euros hardware store

Miscealenous Bolts= 10 euros hardware store

1500gr natural ABS= 70 euros orbi-tech

Arm and shoulder:

8 Hitec HS805BB=240 euros ebay (better get even stronger in torque and faster)

Miscealenous Bolts= 10 euros hardware store

1500gr black, yellow, natural ABS= 56 euros orbi-tech

Head and torso:

I can't really give specs yet because I am not finished designing and printing.

Batteries + charger:  80 euros


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I  was wondering  if someone can print in a makerbot thing-o-matic the bigger parts of the arm  ?

Also have you made a bill of materials for your robotic arm ?

If so can you provide us a copy of it?

I have to so that your project rocks and I will definitely build one when I finnish my exams and have time to assemble my makerbot...

Hi, I don't have a makerbot, but I know some users that already have printed all parts on it. For the rest of the arm to shoulder, files are not ready yet, but I'm trying to make all parts in the range 12x12cm max.

I haven't done a bill of materials, although I can try to make rough estimation with the prices I payed for my parts.

Of course you need to have a 3d printer.

Hand and forarm:

1 arduino uno=14 euros ebay although I never found such a good price again.

4 servos MG995=28 euros ebay

0,8mm nylon  thread= 5euros hardware store

Miscealenous Bolts= 6 euros hardware store

750gr natural ABS= 35 euros orbi-tech

Arm and shoulder:

3 Hitec HS805BB=90 euros ebay

Miscealenous Bolts= 4 euros hardware store

640gr black, yellow, natural ABS= 28 euros orbi-tech

I hope this helps




There is a lot that can be done here and I hope that your "fun" will turn into something great for the world as a whole. Think about it, you can change the world by having fun. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for the nice comment!

You have an amazing Arm !  Your mechanical magic Fu is very strong.  
So when should we hook it up to a computer and get a couple of camera's attached to it so it can start grabbin stuff it sees ?

P.S. I love that you posted your info on thingyverse - you & open source rocks !

Seriously, We could use MRL and a web cam to provide position feed back and object detection -

As MarkusB said - These would be hands for MAAHR

Wow, I wish I knew how to use MRL and a webcam to provide feedback, it is still far in the futur for me. Any help is welcome. As for MAAHR, I hope someone can use InMoov to give it some arms because it's beyond my knowledge, I think.

Cool update I can't wait to see how far you will go with this!

Could you tell me what 3D printer you use? Also how did you make the silicone pads for the hand?

Hi, I'm printing the parts with a BFB 3D touch, but parts are designed to fit smaller printer. I know someone that prints it on a makerbot. As for the pads, I just poured some silicone directly on the ABS parts, I used accelerating hardener to make it fast, otherwise it would be uncontrollable. I found that it doesn't holds very long, but gluing the pads again with silicone kit for bathtub makes it rather lasting. I tried this methode because I would like to inbed some FSR in them.(still need to order them though...)

Really cool. I'll have to try that technique. Do you know if anyone has been able to print this on a Mendel?

For sure you can print this on a Mendel. Some people did already. Parts are designed small enough. I have a heated bed because I print with ABS. If you get too much warping with your printer, it might be an issue on some parts though.