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HammerHead - Touch sensors (I had no resources :/) - First in LMR! \o/

Remove from objects at the touch.
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Hello everybody! Well, this is my first robot here at LMR. I see great robots in the galleries made ​​by people who have a lot of talent around the world. Well, my robot is very simple for two reasons: I am a beginner (I am glad to learn more here) and in the state where I live in Brazil is very difficult to buy components for robotics. Well, let's talk about the project. It is very simple, as already said, the robot is controlled by the Arduino functions with simple if / else: it has two sensors, one on the left and a right side, if the right sensor is touched, the Arduino triggers a bridge H-based transistors of NPN type, which causes the robot to turn left. The opposite happens if the left sensor is touched (the robot turns right). A simple robot with simple electronic circuits and also a simple program for a simple beginner = D. I am providing components and hope to make more elaborate designs on the next. I hope you enjoy this for now ... See ya!

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Really enjoyed your work, and the simplicity turns it a little more interesting ;)

Eu sei como é foda aqui no Brasil, cara... Sem peças e a miséria que tem é tudo caro =/