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A little Robot History

I don't know if there are a lot of classic Robot enthusiasts on this site, but this story caught my ear on the way home tonight:


I remember seeing old grainy footage of Elektro and Sparko (or something very similar) as a kid and emulating them in cardboard. It wasn't quite as cool as the real thing. 100 Internet points to anyone who replicates the 78rpm record player "voice synthesizer."  It would be interesting to see a schematic on that.

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Good catch on that article.  I came across a little something on Electro a few months back but nothing like the history and detail this article has.  I vaguely remember seeing something on TV with Electro and was blown away.  As I recall he had a dog named Sparky as well.

Too funny that Electro was a smoker.  Those robots.  See how easy they pick up our bad habits...LOL.