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Automated Robot with Metal Detection

Navigate around via ultrasound and detects metal elements


 The final project consist of a vehicle model which by means of the PIC 18f 4550 algorithm will go and search an entire rectangular room to see whether any metal elements are present. On its way it will be avoiding any type of obstacles with the aid of ultrasonic sensors. This project was chosen since there is a great interest in robotics as robotics is the new generation of technology. Robotics is also a way of helping people to suffer less in their everyday life style. For example this robot which is being built would help in wars for when the soldiers are walking in a mine yard so to detect where the mines are. This robot would be driven via the two DC motors installed in the Rover 5 chassis of the vehicle.  It should also avoid obstacles thanks to the ultrasonic sensors. The project consists of building various blocks which includes power supply, driving and steering and sensing all controlled by a single embedded PIC microcontroller. The microcontroller would be programmed using assembly language

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Very smooth navigation.

Thanks mate!!!

Nice work, Nick. The detection works very good.

Could you give some information about the metal detector you use?

Any measurements on how deep into the earth it can detect metal? 

And what kind of metal works best and what not so good? And why?

Having this information might get us the chance to apply your knowledge into our future robots...

thanks NilsB,  yea i am intending of updating my review soon since to be honest i just spent the last 4 days working on the robot with only few hours of sleep and i just finished it like 2hrs ago.. :D  although i am still going to upgrade my bot with 4 more ultrasonic sensors ( one on each side) to have more acurriecy but i am still waiting to recieve the rest of the sensors..

don't worry in my next update i will include everything i used to build this robot

Neat and fast and metal pickup pretty solid, the challenge now is to get it to follow a line of coins.....

... Yes if you sent this out at night time the neighbourhood bat-community would have something to say about it...

Is the Metal detector analog or ON/OFF ?

thanks alot!! the metal detector is an ON and OFF, basically what i did i took a signal from the buzzer of the metal detector an inserted it to the PIC and once the port is high it sets the motors to stop..

Loooool... It might be!! At first i thought that if i had painted in black it would look like the BAT MOBILE.. : D Cheers, yes infact i still have some problems with my coding for the ultrasonic, yes oki i will post my coding tomorrow since i'm not near my pc and maybe someone can help me out in solving this issue of mine.. Thanks for your comment : )

Sweet looking robot nick, it could've rolled straight out of an 80's sci-fi cartoon =)

I read elsewhere you were working on the ultrasonic code - if you still want some help you should attach the code here so we can take a look.