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Choice of geared motors

I was wondering what motors to use for my school project. its going to be a 4wd rover (skid steering) with a robotic arm and wireless camera. i have a chasis welded up and ti weighs only 800grams. Max target weight of the whole system including batteries is 4kg. 

i am willing to spend a maximum of $40 on them.

The problem is choice of motors. i found these geared motors. i found a seller who sells then in packs of 2. each one of them has a stall torque of 4kgcm and the max rpm speed is 300.



and this type

and this type

the building starts in two weeks. so please help. thank you.


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I would go with the ebay ones because i know projects done with them and they are really pulling your pants off...metal gear and reliable.

i just remembered that one of my friends bought two for his custom made rock crawler. i am going to ask him if they have good torque