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Simple line follower

Finally, I've made my first bot! It's a basic 2 IR sensor line follower.The brain is an 89s52 chip with L293d motor driver Ic.Code compiled in Keil.Sorry for the choppy video work.(actually its a first robot+my first vedio shoot of a robot ) so hopefully I'll improve.I got so inspired by this that I've almost completed my second one though it's based on arduino(a 2 servo walker) so hopefully I'll post that soon too.Tell me what u think of this one though.

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Thisk works admirably.


Are you using  binary corrections or PID control to keep it on the line ?



That I kept it as simple as I could . Infact u might have noticed the result was obtained using only two sensors so no dsp here.

What I figured out by building this though was that  it works at an optimum pt for a particular voltage.If we increase it beyond it it lost its way and too low voltage would make the bot slow.So I just found that a battery voltage of 8.25 worked like a charm.Since i had a couple of used 9v batteries so that made it possible.

Keep up the good work. I am really interested in the 2 servo walker you speak of.

Your appreciation means a lot !

Your appreciation means a lot !