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How acurate are voltage regulators?


i ask cos i was going to build a SHR but with an ultrasonic detector when someone mentioned it seriously needed 5v not 4.8v (4x 1.2v rechargable batteries was going to be my origional input).

however looking at various instructional videos online they all seem to say a 5v voltage regulator will be from 4.8v to 5.2v - and frankly the idea of adding a whole bunch of new batteries to make the input 9v then putting together the regulator with a few capacitors and ending up with the same problem seems a bit daft.

can i fix the problem with the right capacitors?

i bought a LM723C variable voltage DIL regulator just in case but will probable be using the TS7805CZ 5v 1A +ve fixed voltage regulator instead.

thanks peeps


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it would seem that 4.8 from 4 rechargeables will be just fine. You should be able to run your ultrasonic sensor on the 4.8 from the batteries without a voltage regulator.

I would guess that IF you were to run into problems with stability a cap across the power and ground of the ultrasonic could/should solve many issues.