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Navigate towards bright light utilizing 4 eyes and 3 feelers.
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Here is my current robot in progress. Juxtapod is a hexapod walker that utilizes a alternating tripod gait, like most 3 motor hexapods do. He is a junkbot made of (his chassis) an old Zip drive. Yup... 100 megabytes on one disk, fools!
Err sorry...
Anyways it was in the second computer my family bought when I was growing up, and until recently, it was sitting in the old Pentium machine waiting to be junked or re-used. I decided that when stripped apart, the Zip drive housing would make a decent junkbot chassis.
I took 3 MicroMo 141:1 gear motors, and mounted them to the top half (what used to be the bottom) of the chassis. I used corner braces for the legs, a smaller size for the center legs, with hinges to allow for a greater center leg lift. Rivets bolts, and a few zip ties (lol) hold it all together.
I have a solar panel that outputs 8.5v @ ~100ma that is connected to a 7805 regulator. That setup charges a 3.6v nimh battery pack, and powers the robot, given enough light. If the light falls enough the batteries take over seamlessly.
His 'eye stalks' are the neck and head off of those cheap flex flashlights.
The electronics I am working on currently, will control the bot with a BEAM neural net based on a 74HC14, consisting of a bicore and the equivalent of a slave bicore with a 90 degree phase shift. Those signals are decoded with a 74HC139 and fed to h-bridge motor drivers. The bicore will feature a photo-bridge to give the ability to move towards brighter sources of light (feeding). There will be three whiskers for left/right/reverse obstacle avoidance, and photo-resistors incorporated into the sensor circuit to allow for reverse and turn towards light.
The attached schematic is still being revised... The circuit is very similar to the one digi01 used on his BEAM hexapod. http://letsmakerobots.com/node/28815

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Wow, walking 100MB ... cool. I still have some old harddrives to play with. Good start and good concept.

Looks like you have a good start, at least on the hardware side of things.