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A Spectrum Upgrade

electric guitar


Hello, this is my cousins 1975 Spectrum DX electric guitar.

I've been learning to play it and wanted to do a couple popular upgrades. After a bunch of hounding he's let me open it up and poke around at its guts!  -lol

My plan is to replace the stock Dimarzio pickup's with better humbuckers. Then rewire it to make it growl like a much more expensive Gibson Les Paul. In the picture below I've already started removing the stock parts.

Here's the backside with the covers removed and the electronics removed.

Here's the stock electronics that I removed.

Here's the new 500k push/pull pots, switch, knobs, etc. I'll be doing the ever popular Jimmy Page wiring on this project in order to get the multi tones from the split coil humbuckers. I'll also have to drill 2 new holes in the guitar body in order to mount the 2 extra pots.

I'm upgrading to new Gibson humbuckers. I've chosen a 496R and a 500T for the neck/bridge respectively.


More pictures to come!



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I must also attempt to hack my Les Paul. Cool stuff you have there!