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Annual Online LMRobo-games!!!

What if somebody makes an annual robo-games for LMR members that is held online? just like Robotgrrl's robot party but with games and stuff e.g. online robot racing, online robot chess games(for those who do have chess playing robots, and connect them o the internet and play with other people), robot catwalk, coolest robot of the year...etc. and the prizes would be certificates that can be sent and print by the winner, or stuff that i don't know.

so, anyone interested in this kind of concept?

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This would be a great idea for LMR and fun for all of the members and visitors. Besides the shoutbox we could have a game/fight/race :-)

Some simple games would be good...soccer as a team play but with 2 x 8 minutes halfs with 2 minutes break since 8 minutes is short enough to keep playing without leaving for bathroom or dinner.

I'm working on the soccer game and I can also use the little bots for other games. I'll keep you guys posted.

What about this game: http://letsmakerobots.com/node/32379 ?


Have seen this buddy but did not have time to comment yet ;-)

I thought about a new game, called RoboCraft. See the above link.

i have another idea from aaron, what if there was a boxing round, were you can programme the robots online and let them fight alone after programming them.

If there's going to be a lot of people watching (but not participating), then it would be a good idea to mirror the hangout- or the live video feed of the 'field' to ustream (or whatever). Haha or just have a ustream going all day with a url to control the robots (it's been done before, but it is quite fun)! I can volunteer for helping host the hangouts if no one else wants to ^_^

that would be really great! now, i will grant you the honour to do it :), you will be the one to organise it, and plan it, thank you for that!

I am currently working out the details for internet controlling my full size boxing robots. I have done a few tests so far and it seems to be going well. Hope to have it available by years end for anyone anywhere to play.

that's why i'm posting this concept for anyone who can host this, if only there was a host, a time, and some other stuff, this would really work, what if we host many g+ hangout, one per each game, soccer game on the other hangout, racing on the other, etc. and what if we make our own robot racer and race them online on the webcam, with specific rules, with a given time and with it's own referee.

@xicoMBD, yes! we can really use them, but we should have a specific time to do it! 

@ro-bot-x, that would be very awesome!

xicoMBD, Ro-bot-x, and ctc's(as robotgrrl says) robots could be the online games where you can control them online, and another section would be the live game, where your own robot plays online via webcam.

and we should do this LMRobo-games yearly and it would be great! if only we could answer those problems!!! (if only there was a host, a date, and some other stuff) 

We have actually tried to do something similiar some time ago (http://letsmakerobots.com/node/31747). We made a simple track and had two magabots which could be remote controlled by google chat while their webcam's video was being streamed on a google+ hangout. It was just a test but showed us that the idea could work. 

Maybe we could try to organize new races or any other kinds of games (soccer seems interesting) and repeat the experience...

What do you all think?