Let's Make Robots!

make a human size robot(5 feet)

build a humaniod robot that is 5 feet tall and can work.


also must be able to:



grab stuff


do common household stuff

to win: must send pic and video to me of your robot completeing taskes

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Just one point that everyone has hinted at but not really said: You have to have built this bot first before you can make it a challenge.

Ok, here's the thing. generally speaking most of the members here don't even have a rolling robot that is able to do those tasks (and I'm not talking about walking and sitting). I always say go one step at a time. Build a rolling robot. Add a gripper to grab objects. Add a speech recognition chip to be able to give it commands. Add a MP3 chip or a text to speech chip for talk back. Add vision. Program the robot to clean the room picking socks, toys, empty beer cans, whatever. Build a walking robot. Add balance sensors to it. Add speech chips. Add vision. Then program it to do house chores. If all works, go bigger. 

Oddbot read my mind!

So, first prize is a gazillion dollars!


Yeah!  OK!  Bring on the Robot Apocalypse why doncha?