Let's Make Robots!

A little robots journey

1. Chinese Great Wall

Artoo, I told you that's a dead end...

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Look what you've done now!

You hack a mint candy tin, take it to the great wall of China and suddenly everyone is making R2D2 robots :D
They might be ignoring your robot on the great wall but not here on LMR.

There are so many R2D2 robots on the front page now that I thought I had missed out on a new Star Wars movie!

Nooooo :)

Haha, i did not see that coming. But i am glad that my mint can get relatives. I should ask the shop for a commission ;-) I am still in hong kong now and no time for a journey update, but soon come it will, young jedi :-)
Actually no, but the people are just concerned about to see the wall. Most of them will see it just once per live.

I noticed right off that the passersby are totally ignoring the robot.


I guess robots are very common in China streets.


This picture has something, haha. R2D2 and the Great Wall. Have fun, Lumi!

Haha, video is coming later. I was glad to get the photo up ;-)

You take your robot to the great wall of China and that 1 photo is the best you can do???