Let's Make Robots!

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Using a 9v as a robot power source. 9v batteries can not supply the current needed to really power a robot. 4 AA rechargeable or alkaline will give you much better run time. You can check wikipedia, but, I believe a 9v is somewhere around 800mAh on average, while a AA alkaline is 1200 mAh -ish and a rechargeable can be up to 2600+ mAh.

Otherwise very nice. I am surprised there are not more CR servo powered SHR sized robots here.

bluesthue's picture

I am very aware of the restricitions of the 9v vs runinng it off a 4xaa pack... just wanted something quick and easy to demonstrate building a robot and i didn't have any spare aa battery holders around :p  Also wanted to keep the size as small as possible.

I'm planning on building 2 other robots that run off very similar specs of these 2 CR servos and the digital IR sensors in the very near future.  Those will run off 4 AA's and should have a much longer life span.