Let's Make Robots!

Maker's Faire - ShenZhen China

This was the first Makers Faire where I got to go with ChopSticks!

It was the first Makers Faire ever to be held in China so as you might expect it was not the huge spectacle that the American faires are. Eric Pan, who is the CEO of Seed Studios and currently sponsering LMR did a great job in organising this event.

It seems Eric was at the New York Makers Faire last year and immediately recognised Chopsticks. Unfortunately Chopstick was not in working condition at the time so people had to settle for watching videos of him in action. It was a lot of fun watching people do a double take upon being told he was made with chopsticks.

I had downloaded over 100 LMR robot videos from YouTube which is blocked here in China and had them playing continuously throughout the day.

Mitch Altman was there with his "TV be gone" and some of his other gadgets. I did try to say G'day but he appeared to be getting an interview from a local TV or newspaper.

There were videos being displayed on a big screen as well. Unfortunately the skylights let in a lot of light making it hard to see. Later some of the skylights got covered which helped a bit.

This was a one day event, short but still a fun chance for me to represent LMR and have a friendly chat with the competition.

More photos from Tyler and Claudia.







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i love it when someone represents LMR like a boss!

Wonderful presentation at the event, OddBot! We are all proud of you!

To be honest, I did want to do more. We have a cheap / simple plastic robot gripper kit that I wanted to have in the workshop area on the top floor but unfortunately the molds were not ready in time. Oh well, next year maybe.

This is really, really fantastic!!!

Thank you so very much - I guess from all of us - to represent us, and to make sure LMR was represented at this historic event!!!

I cannot beleive all what you guys are doing!

Fantastic, OddBot, Seeed, everyone. Thank you :)

Well Frits, you put a lot of work into making a global community for all us robot builders to enjoy. It is now up to us to make sure the world knows it has such a wonderful community to be part of.

next year will be bigger i hope for you  . nice steady video if that was free hand ,impressed i am much yes.

Actually my video was very shaky. YouTube automatically detected the shaky video and offered to correct it. There is some distortion as a result but it is much easier to watch.