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Bluetooth AT commands

Hi I bought bluetooth module from ebay. I connected to the atmega and comunicate with my laptop. It works great. I set (in atmega) communication 9600 Bd, but hyperTerminal (auto-detect) shows 2400 Bd. I tried lots of tutorial how to change baud rate (or name, key, ...) using AT commands, but Hyperterminal does not work and the other also. They connected to bluetooth, but when I try wrote something it does not shows in terminal (keboard do not work :D in terminals ). Any idea how comunicate with bluetooth using AT commands? Sorry for my English :) .

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NO, I disconnected bluetooth from supply and when I write in terminal AT return OK, What? how?

Finaly :D , every time I set COM6 (USB TO SR232), but now I set COM3 (Bluetooth) and it WORK :D. When I send "AT" return OK, but when I send anything else return ERROR.

OK, I connected bluetooth via cable to laptop. Lunch putty, but when I write AT and press ENTER the cursor move to start position.

Perhaps this will help


I am in college now, then I can`t take a photo, but this is exactly same module http://air.imag.fr/mediawiki/index.php/Wireless_Bluetooth_RS232_TTL_Transceiver_Module .  Default name is Linvor. I tried putty, but laptop did not send anything. When I connected RX with TX then every program send data and receive back, but when I disconnected the RX and TX, all communiction stopped. First I want change the name and boud rate, what means AT communication. :D

Which module? Does it have a name? Could you provide us with a photo of it?

I'm not sure I understand what communication you were actually able to get going. Did you make a chain from PC - built in bluetooth - bluetooth module - arduino? From your post I get the idea that you describe several experiments, but I'm not sure where to start and stop in your description.

Btw I use putty for serial communication on PC's, both LInux and Windows.