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i was asking peeps earlier today (last night? its all blurring together) about the best CAD packages for 3D design and was pointed in the direction of inkscape...a bit of playing around and you tube research and i came to the conclusion its a cool program but a bit more like gimp or corel for my needs.


a little more research and i happened across google sketchup - and my god its amazing -

its seriously simple to use and i was about to start drawing the tamiya geared motor when i discovered you can actually download a load of 3d pics from generous donators

i just had to tell peeps about it cos this piece of kit could help newbies like me in the mechanical design of the bots (which frankly was driving me nuts)

hope it helps..and good luck


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Recently I've started using Solidworks. It's a true pro tool (probably that's why I still suck at it haha). I get a free license from my university for Solidworks, however I am guessing to buy one for personal use would be a bit costly.

You can, of course, use other ways to get it working on your system, if you know what I mean :D

Nevertheless, if you're thinking of going hardcore one day, to my mind this CAD is the way to go.

I find OpenSCAD much easier to fumble around than Sketchup, plus, it exports to a number of different, useful formats. But, that is just me.

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