Let's Make Robots!

LMR app (for the admins or any app developer for iphone/android)

I was thinking that it would be a great idea for an LMR app to be created, It should be .99 cents or 1.99 so money could pay for publishing the app and the profits would go towards LMR. The app would let users browse robots, use the shout box, and UPLOAD robots on their mobile advice! Comments and opinions welcome!

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I have a droid and I think that there is no reason for me to swich from the web version to a specialised app. The internet app and Opera Mini (which I've downloaded) or UC Browser (which many people download) are sufficient to browse LMR. The only reason I'll buy such an app would be if it has some filters which you can set for quick view of your favourite robots or if the LMR v.4 comes out with the private chat feature (not removing the shout box though) or if you create a mobile version of LMR which will help browsing at lower rates as less data is sent and recieved.

A real benefit for the iPad users could be a WYSIWYG editor like you have in the browsers of the Mac/Win/Linux when editing i.e. a robot or comment here on LMR. This would be a reason for me to buy the app.

There is that, I guess.  You can't do text formatting or insert images from Safari on iPad.  I don't know that I've ever seen anything like that implemented in an app though.  If someone codes it, I'll buy it.  I just don't see it breaking the tipping point on effort.

But I already have an app that does all that and more on my iPad.  It's Safari, and it comes built in.  I don't know what kind of functionality extension you'd get by making it a separate App other than fund raising.  Also, it's easier to switch back and forth between tabs on Safari with LMR as one of them than it would be to launch separate apps.  There's really nothing related to the site that you can't do with it already.  Maybe other platforms are limited from it in some way, but there isn't really much shockwave content on LMR and I'm assuming LMR4 will be HTML5 compliant, so while the heart is in the right place for this post, I don't think it would be worth the development effort.