Let's Make Robots!

I just don't look as good as Jax...

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For a really close up view on things

I have one like that.  Very useful for tiny stuff.


Seems like Jorgen is using them too.

I bought these purely because of Jax, as a tribute if you will.  I haven't used them once, except to examine what i thought was a parasitic tick in my daughters ear.  It wasn't.

I don't look as good as Jax either...

...bursting out of her eardrum... The%20Tick%205.jpg

Let me just say that the glasses I got just aren't for looking good, but I use them constantly. Using both lenses at once is pointless but having two is good for a change in eyes or the fact the LED is on the other side of the lens.

The frames are definitely flimsy but I treat them gently and they've kept their shape nicely.

All in all 4 stars out of 5, one demerit for the durability.

That is true. One must admit that you have to have a 2cm distance from the lens to the observed object. That is very close. If you have more or less than this 2cm the image is not sharp anymore.

All you Crazy People In Your Strange Headgear...LOL - just Kidding, I'm really jealous of you all ;-P

Me n my new magnifiers

Those magnifiers are cool.

 Almost a Steam-pumk look.