Let's Make Robots!

I just don't look as good as Jax...

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Just for you Nils (and the rest :P)


Well I use them mostly for checking for solder bridges :)

What a good sport.  I don't think I could get any cat or dog I've ever had to allow me to do that.  In fact, I just tried to put mine on Koda...

Well, my luck is that she does not know how to agressively use teeth or claws.

As for making her keep still and posing long enough for me to take the picture... it took a bit of perseverance and luck :-p 

A real nerd cat. A good solder comrade.
I'll have to upgrade if I want to play with the big boys! (Great shot, btw Nils!)

You do look even crazier though! I almost bought one of those FWIW. I like the Frankenstein-temple-brain-stud look a lot XD Wacky headgear FTW

What I really want is one of those mad-scientist lab coats with the giant buttons and the assymetrical flap that closes up along the clavicle and down one side.

Then I could truly build a robot army to take over the world.

Look what I found in the Rock Cracker Set today: Mad scientist goggles. Perfect match for this forum.