Let's Make Robots!

I just don't look as good as Jax...

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Where's the "like" button, when you need it?

NilsB = Trent Reznor??????

It's pretty much a tribute to (or rip off of) Joel-Peter Witkin (NSFW if you're curious.)

...well I'd say compared to this guy:

I am a lot less evil and a lot more scientist.


looks more like the standard biology coat (tho they have studs not buttons so you can rip em off quickly).

i still have my old coat and one a hospital let me keep... but yeah i'd prefer one of these type too (the v neck lets stuff fall down it - defeats the object a bit)

I always wondered why there was a difference.  This makes sense.  What I really need is a lap flap to keep the little wires from falling between my thighs and into the cracks of my chair.

Lol!! : DThis looks more like a chef from a 5 star hotel than a mad scientist ready to take over the world!!

What? A lab coat keeps you from taking over the world? C'mon!

Thats what we need, a LMR lab coat

that's awesome mate!