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IR receiver feasibility?

Hello Y'all!

I have been scouring the web trying to figure something out. And I found your page, and you seem to be the group of people to talk to. So...

I want to make a bunch of simple circuits that will basically have wirelessly controlled switches. I am thinking the cheapest way to do this is to have IR receivers that operate at different frequencies that can be controlled with IR transmitters. So, my questions is, if you wanted to make, let's say three switches, would you use receivers? And say, some IR transmitters with different frequencies like 36, 38, 40kHz? Or would you use phototransistors and different wavelength IR diodes? Or radio?

I have found this page on Alibaba: http://www.alibaba.com/product-gs/541465116/IR_Receiver_led.html

Where could I find these chips in bulk? Seems like it might be a pain shipping them from China. But maybe the cost savings would make it worth it.

Well, basically, I am looking for advice.


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Use a 38kHz receiver for all devices, place a ATtiny inside to decode the remote control signal and trigger a relay and you're done. Why receivers and not IR transistors? Because the receivers filter out unwanted signal and not trigger falsely.


Would you happen to know if the ATtiny is the cheapest chip capable of being an IR decoder available? This will be my first time using a chip with an instruction set outside of a canned assembly course, so I don't want to waste time running down dead ends trying to get something working.


Again, thanks for suggestions!