Let's Make Robots!

Project #2 - Quadruped pet

Autonomous, initially tricks and general behaviour, then walking around and navigating in future

This bot now walks! slowly...but it walks! 

This is the project I am working on atm, relatively happy with the build now and working on coding.

Also attached a first vid of basic moves like sitting down, sitting up, standing (which because it is relatively random which position it chooses happens three times in a row in this vid). After the third time it stands up you can see me lifting it to postition it's legs better (the build is to flexible, so the bot sometimes doesn't manage to fully stand up etc.)

 I'm using 11 servos on a red back spider board, 2 on each leg, 2 for the head, and 1 as a "hip joint" in the back to control the direction of the bot. At the moment the only additional bits of kit on the bot are a compound eye to track objects and for navigation and a usb charger for the lipo battery.



And massive thanks to OddBot for creating the hardware and for all his help!

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Great to see your robot coming together. If your robot is "moon walking" then he may need some rubber or foam feet to get more traction. Your robot's centre of gravity is an important factor as well.

Thanks! Was about to head out to find something that I could use to give the feet more grip/traction. About centre of gravity, I've tried to make the front legs "shorter" or lower to the ground so that the weight from the back is shifted forwards, which I thought should help making it easier to move in the forward direction..anyway I'm going to work on the feet and then try adjusting the code a bit, either way will post what it's moving (whether in place or actually forward) looks like in a vid this evening.