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Where to get a Wire Stripper

I only know one store that sells this: Radio Shack. It comes with the wire wrapper.

If you pull out the cap at the end of the wire wrapper, out comes the stripper. I think this was around $10...maybe less.

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this is the best one, I having one for 20 years, I cannot use something else !



I usually tend to go see wire strippers late at night. I love it when they strip their wires insulation off and wiggle their copper bits in my face. On a more serious note, you can probably find some good wire strippers on eBay for cheap. Just be careful not to catch any diseases! ;)

also i think i will pick up one of these some time:

i have various wire strippers, but i always just end up using the scissors on my victorinox swiss army knife.

it also serves as my side cutters.

spend $.99 on a disposable lighter. Use the lighter to burn the insulation and then remove the carbonized insulation. Voila, no more insulation. :D

I used to have a really cheap wire stripper and then I get this one. My life is so much better. Any hardware store should have something. This one came from The Home Depot (USA):


I've had strippers like yours but in the end I just use the gaps between my teeth. I can strip all wire sizes up to house wiring (2.5mm²). I use my tounge to measure the length of insulation I am stripping.

While you guys prefer teeth, I do it the nails way for thin wires. I almost always have around half a cm long nails and use them most often. For the thicker ones, there is always a scissor in the desk...

Btw, mogul mentioned on SB that he uses his fork for stripping wires. I'm still trying to figure out how!?! :)

I've always wondered about the long term effects of this, do you notice any tooth damage where it scrapes the enamel?

I've had braces (not my choice) and i had to go to the dentist several times a year to have my teeth checked (and have had clean and well-enameled teeth). Its not really an issue. you're just cutting some rubber/plastic with your teeth. The real drawback is getting the wires wet or little bits of the wrapping in your mouth lol.