Let's Make Robots!

D.A.M. v.1 (Dog Annoyance Machine)

Does a little dance, annoys dogs.

This isn't really a project I set out to build-it's just an intermediate phase in the development of Serv-O.  I took the "brain" I made for him:

...and slapped it on my Magician Chasis with a 7.2v RC battery.  The Mega is actually a 328, despite what the sticker I made says. The other two chips are a 74HC14 and an SN754410, with a 7805 limiting the voltage.

All I programmed the machine to do at this point is the little dance you see it doing right now.  I didn't add any of the sensors.  It is only meant to test the electronics without putting it in the larger, more difficult to access chasis.

...and to mess with Koda, of course.

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That is great, I loved the expression on your dog's face as he/she watched the evil robot beginning to move.  Mine has the same affect on the cats.  They want to run away and want to chase it all at the same time.

Very clean looking robot, nice work.