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How To Upload Your First PICAXE Code

Teaches how to upload picaxe code to it's board. ; )

I'm just going to post a quick tutorial on how to upload PICAXE code to the selected PICAXE board you have. This tip is dedicated to David Chetrit, who has had some difficulties uploading code onto his board.

Step 1 : Download the PICAXE USB cable driver from here : http://www.picaxe.com/Software/Drivers/AXE027-USB-Cable-Driver/

You can go to the Download tab on that page and choose one suitable for your OS(Mac, Windows, Linux).

Open up the file and follow the installation process.

Step 2 : Download the AxePad Programming Editor from here : http://www.picaxe.com/Software/PICAXE/AXEpad/

Again, you can go to the Download tab on that page to choose one suitable for your OS(Mac, Windows, Linux).

Open up the file and if there is any, follow the installation process. If there isn't and it opens up the AxePad directly, keep it open for later on.

Step 3 :  Check whether you have your battery pack connected to your PICAXE. Red goes to V and Black goes to G on the board. Voltage should not exceed 6V. Now plug the USB cable into the computer and the other end into the PICAXE board. Is there any notification on your computer like : "New hardware installed"? If there is, read on. Open up your AxePad, Click View on the top, then click options, then a window will open. Select your prefered board, in David's case, a PICAXE 28X1/40X1. Now go to ther next tab in this window which is "Port" Select the port you have plugged your cable into. If you are not sure which, click in "List Serial Ports" Now look for the one your cable is connected to and make sure the port is ready to use. Select the port and click okay.

Step 4 : Ready to write some code? Okay, type : 


high 2

pause 500

low 2

pause 500


Now go get your LED and some female connectors. Connect the longer leg of the LED to pin 2. And the shorter leg to minus or ground.


Setup everything already? Now, make sure everything is connected, battery pack, cable, everything. Now, take a deep breath and click on Program in the AxePad... 

I'd shake your hand and say CONGRATULATIONZ! if it blinks! But if it does'nt, leave a comment below or contact me on the shoutbox.  ; )


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@butterytoast & @111swords It is very hard to solve picaxe programming problems through comments, i suggest you to seek help on the shoutbox.