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Minecraft Creeper

Obstacles avoidance via infrared sensor


Greetings from Hong Kong.

This is my first Arduino project. I have worked with the handyboard and NXT few years ago. The Arduino seems popular and easy to get into for people from non-electronic background like me, so I decided to build something simple to get myself familiarize with the Arduino board and interfaces. For the look I decided to make it the Minecraft Creeper, for the non-gamers, it's a iconic mob that appears in the 8-bit inspired 3D game Minecraft. If you havent try it before, grab a copy now! 


The creeper is a mob which runs around in the game searching for the player, if it get close enough to the player, it will detonate itself and blow up everything nearby. I wont make my bot blow stuff up, but I will certainly wanted to make it be able to "search" for something. So I started off by making it run around without bumping into things first.

Underneath the frame is built using aluminium materials. This autonomous robot will perform a simple move-and-avoid action using its readings from the IR sensor. I tried to use the ultrasonic sensor but noise and accurate is fairly low compared to the Sharp IR sensor.

I got a Mega 2560 board on it. Motors are powered by a L298P chip shield, power supplied by 7.4v or 11.1v Lipo battery. The motor shield has a voltage regulator and it can also used to power up the mega 2560 with its 5V output, kinda handy.


I got most of the parts running well, now I just need a nice look body for the creeper.


Hopefully I can make it to recognize some designated objects, to mimick the search action in the game. And convert it into a 4-legged robot. 

Please check my pictures for the prototype. Let me know anything you like and dont :)


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Such a creative robot, I love the Creeper head, great video game too. Looks like a great start and the Arduino Mega is great many digital pins to add things to. 

if you have a PIR sensor and can get the robot to sit still while looking for said humans.

creeper are cute... but deadly! heh! i want hugssssssss...

Cool project. I just came from hong kong. How is the robot community there?

In Hong Kong, robot community is very small. Now some of the members will show up in the Hong Kong Mini Maker Faire. http://hkmakerfaire.com

i really love the idea of a creeper robot. and i can understand you dont want it to blow up, but maby you could add a speaker with a boom sound, or som small fireworks to make it say boom:D

Minecraft is a great game! ha,I think you need a bomb package! 

BTW, We call "Creeper" name with"JJ "  in China


I am from Hong Kong. Now we have a Mini Maker Faire. Do you have interesting in showing the robot.



Hi Mike

Thanks for the invite! I went to the Maker fair in Shen Zhen China in April and it was great

but my robot is rather ameturish and incomplete for now, i'm not sure if i should really show it :P

This is first Hong Kong Mini Maker Faire. Our objective is to gather hong kong makers togther and promote the DIY culture. Maker Faire is not a trade show. I think your robot is nice and visitors will like it. "how to make it" is the main theme.Simple and interesting projects are welcome. Thanks