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need help identifying an object

what is this thing and what does it do? and where can i hook it to in a picaxe board? do i need a code for it?.... 

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Is that a new kind of torture device? Lol : D. Sorry mate but only CTC had the guts to help you. The above questionnaire is helpful too.



it's a pushbutton switch!!! the most senseful answer in androidman's multiplechoice!

I've deleted this comment. See my comment below (or above, different for different people) for reasons why.

switch or indicator led.

what else would u want to mount on a panel?


The picture is not very sharp. it would be a lot easier to help you, if the picture was in focus, and if you could show all of the item (not hold it with fingers) - perhaps even a coule of pictures, so we could see it from all directions.