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Mechanical Genie

Hello everybody! what i'm about to show you will gonna creep yer life out!...well sorta, let me introduce to you.......


well, where do i start, hmh, while watching an episode of "flapjack", a thing came to my mind...what if i make this creepy little character in this episode? then i begun to make some plans, this is what it really looked like:

and this is what mine looked like (note: he's not done yet, i stll haven't added he's box):

here are some pictures of his construction:

i created this head using my own homemade polymorph (homemade clay):

with a body and chassis made out of cardboard and popsicle sticks, oh and i also added it's mechanism, including my very own mechanical oscillator:

looking good with a beard, goatee, earings and a turban:

i still haven't added some details yet, but i will on the next update

btw, if you wan't to watch the whole episode where this character appeared, you can download it with the file that i have attached.

that's all for now! cheers! - ⁰ℨ

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I was curious about the episode myself, so I tracked it down. You can find it HERE.

Cheers Metal.

Looks really good and innovative. I would like to watch a video.

without the paint on his face he looks like an old woman



Very good artwork. I always wonder about your crafting skills. The head/face is quite impressive and even sewing a shirt for him is one of your skills...well done.


will you make his eyes glow with red LEDs like in the picture?

unfortunately i can't, but i will add a couple of LEDs for decorations

Excellent work! It looks a lot like the one from cartoon. I'm excited to see a video of it in action! How about some LEDs for eyes? It looks like it has glowing red eyes in the cartoon.

yeah, it should be, but in this case, i can't light those LEDs up, but i will add some lights in his case for decoration!