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Hexapod with Ultrsonic Sensor and Remote Control

It navigates the Room via US-Sensor

Hallo! This is my complete self build and constructed HEXAPOD. I work on it since 2009 and this Winter I realised a Ultrasonic Sensor. It can now walk through the Room and see Objects that are in its way. Because some Persons said , I should post it as aRobot, I do so now. Technics: AMega 1284p, SD21 Servocontroller, SRF02 US-Sensor, 4 Channel Remote Control, 4X20 Char LCD Display, 18 Servos MG946R Towardpro, 2X 7.4V LiPo akku. Atmega 1284p.Board self Constructed with I2C Bus, 4 free programmable LEDs, 2 Switches, 5V Voltage control for Peripheries, ISP Port, and, and and. Self programmed with Bascom AVR. Sorry for my bad English. Best Reguards from Germany. Roland

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I'm not sure what the caption was, as I don't understand German, but I'm guessing it was "It doesn't like beer."  :)  A cold, steely, one-eyed design that looks like it needs spikes, maybe a small rotary saw. Menacing-ish, very neat.

You aren`t sure, but me, it doesn`t like beer, but I do so.

You don`t need to understand German because you see what it does!