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I just finished building the robot.  I have downloaded the commands that the start guide told me to.  However, now I have a screen that says debug that just keeps going.  What did I do wrong, and where do I go from here?

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Pictures received showed the 330 chip and 293 chip were transposed. I recommended switching them :

BTW, welcome to the site, misterV :)

Ok, the debug window will very often pop up after you have sync'ed your code, this is quite normal (even if the debug command does not appear in your code). The debug window will allow you to "see" what values your variable contain as well as other information. It is used to help you "debug" your code and otherwise see what is going on. You cannot "send commands" via the debug window.

Now, in terms of "whatever commands I put in"...  Could you be a bit more specific in terms of "commands put in"? --To be honest, I am most curious about "put in". The normal procedure is to write some code (a program) which is then sent to the picaxe chip to be run. 

Please post the code that you are testing with so we can take a look. 

If I may, misterV, as I believe I can translate into PICAXE-glish for the roboteers here. I feel it best not only to quench CtC's burning curiosity but for future reference as well.

I received a similar message using the same nomenclature and I knew I was going to have to have verbal communication for this one. There was no way that this was going to be possible in a short period of time. After a quick phone call it was determined that all the proper software had been installed on his Windows system. He had successfully downloaded different programs (full SHR code, code snippets from the project page) into the chip and was seeing the "Programming sucessfull, 120 bytes of 2048 bytes used" or whatever it is you see. I think that's the "debug window" he refers to. Permanent. Unaccepting of inputs.

Since the software seemed up to speed it was hardware time. The supply was good as the servo power-up twitch and the IR glow from the Sharp sensor was confirmed. MisterV had already done the motor-directly-to-battery-test on his own volition and confirmed the motors were ok. After that I asked for the classic clear and in-focus pictures that we tend to need during diagnostics. He sent me several pictures (excellent use of the phone-cam, might I add) and I posted the most conspicuous problem picture in my other comment.

There was also a possible Motor A pad short circuit I noted but the biggest problem is one of the motor tabs got broken off from all the tinkering. I had to reference ignoblegnome's post about his fix for this problem

Given the set of challenges at hand, I'm patiently awaiting the word of victory.

I was not intending to debug.  I am following the instructions to build the robot and no matter what commands I put in, the robot makes no response.

please clarify.

was debugging not intended? or are you trying to debug but nothing's showing up?