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where can I get a pair of 2" omniwheels.

Hi, I want to replace the front wheels of the Turtleduino for omniwheels, but I can not find a 2" omniwheels for the turtle. Does anyone knows where to get them? Here is the video of the Turtleduino.

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I like it but shouldn't it turns faster?

Hi - you might like to check out the store at Kornylak Corporation: http://store.kornylak.com/

We make and/or sell several wheels that are useful in robot applications, including our 2" Transwheel, and a selection of Omniwheels.

We also love posting photos and videos of our customers' cool projects on our facebook page and website: http://www.kornylak.com/robots/robots.html  Looking forward to seeing how your project turns out.  


Hi Christine, I took a look at the kornylak store and I loved it. It is just what I was looking for and I'm working on the circuitry of my next project that will require (6) 2" tranwheels. Thank you

Thank you birdmun, I bought 10 of the $2.00 omniwheels. I'm going to replace the two front wheels of the turtleduino and use the rest of the omniwheels in another project.

A very quick google search gave me 2 separate ebay auctions that offer 1.9" omni wheels.

You would want 2 of these per wheel location. @ $2 each for buy it now, it seems like the way to go.


You only need 1 of these per wheel location, but, they are $11.50 each.