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What does interest me is how does an inkjet printer work?! I mean, the part with the programming. How does the computer transform an image into readable datas to the printer?  How to write a program that should send an image to a printer to print it?!


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thanks to both. 

I'm not sure I understand what level of parsing you're after here, but here are two answers.  The computer stores most images as pixels which are a grid of values (one or more value per pixel) that, on printing, correspond to levels of ink coverage as applied to paper.  The "transformation" is done by a light sensor of some kind (usually a CMOS or CCD chip but sometimes by a scanning rod).  The programs that send the image to the printer take two forms that complement each other-the UI software (such as Photoshop, Illustrator, MSPaint, etc.) and the printer's specific driver, which tells the computer how to sequence the bits that it sends to the pritner.  Writing the UI is more general and writing the driver is best left to the printer manufacturer.

I hope that helped at least a litte.