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The Fifth Element: money

For my birthday, my uncle gave me his old roomba 550, knowing I would enjoy fixing it and putting it to use. He got that right, but unfortunatley, the parts that I need add up to 85$ plus shipping and handling, but I have to get at least $70 for it. Allowance is out of the question, because I don't have any. If anyone has any sugestions, please tell me. By the way, does anyone know anything about hacking roombas?

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Now that you have me thinking, I think I can fix the motor problem (the screw is the problem)! Thank you for getting my transistors active. ; )

My whole goal is to create a butler/maid robot from it, using the cleaning system as it is. Though you are right about the battery. I just need to find out how to build the battey. The battery seems to be made of many cells, so would it be safe to take it apart to find out more?

     Unless your plan is to repair the rumba you don't need the brushes and motor.   But if you clear the crud out of the brushes i bet if anything is bad its the motor driver for the side brush motor.

     The battery is the big thing.  You can replace the old one with the same number of cells of the same chemistry. (ie.. if pack is lithium ion and has  7 cells replace them with 7 lithium ion cells.  If you replace AAA size cells with AA size cells it will take longer to charge but run time will be longer.)

     The web is full of rumba hacks and books on hacking a rumba.  and you can even rip out the brains and use the platform for any of the start here robots.

     If you let us know what your goal is and what you want to use from the rumba.   (photos always help) I (at the very least) will throw ideas at you in the hopes to inspire you.

I need the battery, sidebrush and sidebrush motor.

Hey KIDBOT, can you post the parts that you want to buy and are finding it difficult to buy. I also have a similar problem with the same budget except that its worse for me as I start from scratch. I've looked on many online webshops to find cheap parts and many people in LMR have helped me to find good parts but we need the specifics to help you.