Let's Make Robots!

Androids, Humanoids and the Uncanny Valley

They were talking about why it's a "Valley" on Sci Fri this week, so I started looking for a graphic and had to share.  I like how the "Healthy Person" looks like Kelso from "That 70s Show."  (I'm an Iowan-we're pretty proud of Kuch.)  I also like how the zombie is at the bottom.  As we all know, robots could kick zombie a$$es in an apocalypse face-off (zombies can't eat robot brains-they'd just end up cutting up their zombie mouths.  The only real zombie advantage is in stair-climbing, but give a robot a shotgun and that's not such an advantage anymore.)

Why, yes, I do have a life and a girlfriend-we're engaged in fact.  Why do you ask? ;-)

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Ah yes, it's just because if you did not have a life it could be you down there in the fourth quadrant.