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this robot will Navigate around and it has a small camera.

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some more detail and a clearer pitcher would be nice ,is it using a vibration motor ? to get around. are you just turning the motor on and off via remote  . cool how the tape changes the direction .


it's not vbration motor and i'm not turing the motor on and off

what is it doing, some more detail please

You have us intrigued with the locomotion but your video and picture and description doesn't give any clues. Do I have to use water torture to get you to divulge your secrets. It seems to follow the tape. I'm not sure that it's because of photoreflectance sensors. Do you have a wire in the tape to guide it?

Similar to the Faller Car system perhaps?


I'm sure we all most certainly agree, metal. : )

Okay, it follows the path made by the tape maze and it has a camera on it...can we see some of the video the robot has recorded? Um, just a bit of question, does it move using the vibrations the tiny motor is making or is the tiny motor spinning a tiny fan blade to propell itself forward? Cool bot, never the less. One more question, whats the PICAXE board for and what are you planning to do with the IR remote? Turn it on and off? 

you guys are old but i'm only 13

Congrats for making such a nice little robot at only 13 years old ! But I am sure you can also share more details with us, especially if you are waiting for some comments ;)