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this robot will Navigate around and it has a small camera.

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WAIT...did you mean COBOL? and COBOL in a PICAXE? how can that work?

From the picture of your other robot and a review of your video I'm guessing this:
The motor is at a slight angle and the axle is touching the ground surface. If the robot is placed on an even surface the robot will just spin around in a circle. But when the motor comes in contact with the tape this is enough of an obstacle so the bot actually travels along it rather than doing circles over it.
At the end of the video, the bot encounters a corner that is sharper than its normal circling diameter, and this makes the progress stall.
Am I right?

Could you explain how this robot works?
How does the sensors work? How do you control forward driving and turning? Could you take some clearer pictures? Find a bright spot to get good pictures.

you guys are old but i'm only 13

there are many young members here on LMR, some are younger than you are, so don't give yer age as a reason.

Congrats for making such a nice little robot at only 13 years old ! But I am sure you can also share more details with us, especially if you are waiting for some comments ;)


im 12, years old, but you have a pretty cool robot. and im sorry for putting this under you name LordGG, i clicked the wrong button and i cant delete comment


Okay, it follows the path made by the tape maze and it has a camera on it...can we see some of the video the robot has recorded? Um, just a bit of question, does it move using the vibrations the tiny motor is making or is the tiny motor spinning a tiny fan blade to propell itself forward? Cool bot, never the less. One more question, whats the PICAXE board for and what are you planning to do with the IR remote? Turn it on and off? 


I'm sure we all most certainly agree, metal. : )