Let's Make Robots!

A little robots journey - Epilog

Finally EL2ISA2 aka Artoo is back from his journey. Like in the vaste of the universe he was travelling thousands of lightyears kilometers/miles throught China: Following up the previous travel reports: Tatooine, here and here. Here are some of the pictures and comments of his adventure.

1. EL2ISA2 (Artoo) standing on the Great Wall of China:

2. EL2ISA2 (Artoo) in the Forbidden City (very dangerous)


2a. In the Forbidden City have to hide from the Sand People...or in common speech "Tourists"


3. EL2ISA2 (Artoo) before the Temple of Heaven (I assume it's the robot heaven). But he was wrong to think it's the jedi Temple.

4. EL2ISA2 (Artoo) in his spaceship (A320) on his way to Hong Kong (the little Coruscant) to visit the Jedi Temple.

5. Hiding in the dragons mouth

6. Hong Kong aka Coruscant, finally arrived in the Jedi Temple

7. Still not on the Avenue of Stars in Hong Kong but meeting his fellow colleagues;-)

8. Sand and more sand on Tatooine (Sanya Beach on Hainan Island)...Artoo is stucking....

This is the end of his journey, video is coming soon is up...



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Thanks Markus. Yes basile, robots are not just created for hard work but also to have fun :-)

EL2ISA2 knows how to have fun!


Nice pictures, Lumi!