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need help with LED

im working on my new robot and i want the LEDs to light specificly. i want it to light up when the servo turns left i want to be yellow, right i want it to light up white, when it stops i want it to be red, and when its driving i want it to glow green. i reasearched it but didnt get anything. thank you

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Now, you have indicated that you DON'T UNDERSTAND THE  WHOLE PAGE 9.

This simply cannot be true. You understand what a LED is, you probably understand input and output, you know of the existance of resistors (even if you don't know what they do) and you know there are going to be pins involved.

What specifically don't you understand?

  • High and low?
  • Pin?
  • Ground or ground rail?
  • current?

What specifically don't you understand?