Let's Make Robots!

just Robot

navigate around

this robot will move around and if it touch anything it will move away from it 

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how will you do that?

How is it doing that, and why did you make 2 of the same robot posts, where did you get the board, how did you control it with a remote, is it a vibating bot or spinning around, why aren't you adding more info to your bots? And not everyone here is "old". I am 13, and there are several other youngins here as well.

yea it has motor 

i will tell u how it's working after because it's like secarte so sorry

Dangling the carrot like that is evil. How "secarte" is it when you post it on the internet for all to see? I hate that.

Lets Make Robots is about sharing knowledge, not posting a robot and not actually telling anybody who it works...

who it works

Typo... *how it works

i think i know how this works, one motor spinning, thus, making that kind of locomotion, and this is controlled via radio control, i know that because i have seen a circuit board like that in a r/c car. am i right?


it's some kind of hacked mini rc.