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navigate around

this robot will move around and if it touch anything it will move away from it 

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How will you stop it from running in circles?

It only has one motor touching the surface at a slight angle.

With the remote system ripped from a remote controlled toy you can control the motor, but it seems implausible that there are any way of controlling its turns unless it bumps into anything.

And be warned: LMR is about sharing techniques and knowledge, refusing to share your technical findings is the opposite of what we do here.

 "if it touch anything it will move away from it ", might be the same locomotion with a BEAM symet, a one motor brainless robot.

your close 

Could you just tell us? This guessing game is annoying...

one motor is not brain less

But a motor doesn't think. It just does.

i think i know how this works, one motor spinning, thus, making that kind of locomotion, and this is controlled via radio control, i know that because i have seen a circuit board like that in a r/c car. am i right?


it's some kind of hacked mini rc.

Lets Make Robots is about sharing knowledge, not posting a robot and not actually telling anybody who it works...

who it works