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YourDuino.com ships new Low-Cost Starter sets, Robot-oriented Arduino-compatible

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Hi Oddbot,

Good questions, as I'd expect from a very experienced Atmel designer...!

About the YourDuinoRobo1 which we source from a designer in Shenzhen:

- The only LED On an I/O Pin is the 'usual' pin 13.. So it has 1000 ohms and an LED to ground from that pin. This has been widely known as a problem if using pin 13 as in input, and quite a few guidelines say "Only use Pin 13 as an output"..

- I have run a few tests at 3.3V on this board.  Saying that "A complex blink test runs OK" is not all that reassuring.. I will run some more I have available.

Can you suggest a couple of tests that might be more demanding?

What kind of problems might you expect at 3.3V and 16MHz?

I have thought the the main use for running at 3.3V would be for use with multiple newer 3.3V sensors such as in Quadcopters etc.. Hmmm..

The increased 3.3V available current for devices, even if the processor is running 5V, is a nice feature compared to the 50ma or so from the typical USB interface chip.

BTW, I hope to have a couple of your Micro-Magician boards next week. THAT's a nice design. Anyone who hasn't seen it: http://letsmakerobots.com/node/31924

Regards, Terry